Artikel mit dem Tag "Peggy Hackney"

"I am complex. I am interconnected within myself . . . messages travel diagonally, connecting right, upper, front with left lower, back..."
"I am divided On the one hand... On the other hand... I listen to both sides of myself..."
"I want, I will. I can't, I can. I struggle to claim my own power and use it. I push away to make my space safe. I reach out to get forward toward my goal..."
"I become differentiated ...I am an individual with my own spine I ground myself in my own sphere through yielding and pushing ...I reach and pull, giving attention to my outer environment..."
"Coming into my innermost core, all parts of me find relationship. I experience support within and life lines of connection through which I pulsate and radiate bright with internal energy..."
"BREATH ...One with the life giving universe ...One with the nature's fluidity ...filling and emptying in an ever on-going cycle ...being nourished, getting rid of what is no longer needed..."