Advanced Level

Entrance into the Advanced Level program requires a successful graduation from the Basic Level (or a similar program) with a recommendation of your advisor. The Advanced Level includes approx. 280 hours of classes and four individual advising sessions over the course of two years. During this time you will deepen, refine, and expand your knowledge of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies - LBMS - and improve your ability to analyze and document movement. Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Studies are interwoven in the two years so that they support each other thematically.

The Bartenieff Fundamentals training, as well as all the themes in the Basic Level will be deepened and enhanced. We will extend the body connections and body organization patterns into longer complex sequences. The Bartenieff Fundamentals work will be compared to other body works.

Spatial orientation, shape variations and dynamic possibilities of the Laban Movement Studies will be worked out in their complexity. More complex scales will be introduced and their harmonious relationship to other scales will be clarified. The phrasing and interrelationship of the various categories will be differentiate.

The capacity to analyze and document movement will be expanded. Motif writing will be augmented and trained. Style analysis will be trained across categories.

The seminar will present different developments of LBMS, the most important areas of application and the relation to other fields of knowledge.

The ability to perceive and designate the components and their combinations as well as the interrelationship between the  different categories will be specified. Overall the focus will be set on the integration of the different aspects in a "moving knowledge". In this way purpose and expression in the movement will be brought into unison. 

In the second year a final project with the LBMS in a freely selectable application field will be achieved. The project will be supervised individually.

From: "Bewegtes Wissen" / Stills from the DVD

After successful graduation of the Advanced Level the certificate with the title "Certified Laban Movement Analyst" - CLMA - will be awarded. The graduate of the Advanced Level is authorized to teach introductory courses required for the LBMS certificate program, as well as to practice in the whole range LBMS  and to analyze movement with LBMS. The certificate with the title CLMA, which is awarded by EUROLAB e.V., corresponds to a high quality standard and is internationally equivalent to the LBMS certification programs in the United States and Canada. Furthermore the certificate Advanced is a prerequisite for the registration as a „Registered Somatic Movement Educator” with the „International Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists Association” - ISMETA