Prerequisites and Application

1. A completed Bachelors Degree, vocational training or a similar qualification (every field is possible) is prerequisite. A professional dance training is not required for the entrance. A large spectrum of experiences in various movement types, dance styles or sports is an advantage.


2. Proof of participation in the following courses:

- Introductory course in Laban Movement Studies  (20 hours)

- Introductory course in Bartenieff Fundamentals   (20 hours)

- Anatomy and/or Physiology  (15 - 20 hours)

The anatomy course can be attended at a school in your area.

3. All classes will be taught in English, so English proficiency is required to understand the course work and read the literature.


The students of the Certificate Program in Berlin may submit their written assignments in English or German.

4. For the application the following papers have to be submitted:

  • a detailed written essay
  • a medical clearance
  • recommendations by the teacher(s) of introductory courses

Please request the application form via E-Mail.

Applications may be submitted at any time. For the next Basic Level in Berlin (Germany) in an English-speaking intensive format starting on July 5 of 2021, the application deadline was May 3, 2021 - you can nevertheless still apply for the few free spots left! 

We can assure that this summer intensive will happen in presence and are planning to do it additionally hybrid, so that everyone can participate - either in studio or online.