Certificate Programs in

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies

As a student in a EUROLAB training program you will be able to expand your knowledge of movement through the theory and practice of wide-ranged movement studies. You will develop your creative skills, discover new growth possibilities and expand your repertoire. Through these movement studies you will be able to recognize your movement patterns and personal preferences. You will also obtain more clarity, expressivity and coordination in movement and improve your observation skills. 

The goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of movement, as well as to link the inner and outer experience of movement. The movement studies are always put into a theoretical context, which can only be understood through your own movement experience. This approach produces new connections and a new kind of holistic understanding: “moving knowledge“. In other words, you will be improving your work with movement, because of an in-depth knowledge of how you and others move.


The training in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies is a further education program and is an additional qualification to an already existing Bachelor Degree or vocational training. It is done in two steps, the Basic Level and the Advanced Level, and finishes at each level with a certificate, which is awarded by the European Association for Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies - EUROLAB. After successful graduation of the Advanced Level the certificate with the title Certified Laban Movement Analyst (CLMA) will be awarded. 

This prepares you to apply at ISMETA for the designation of Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist.

"I'm totally impressed by the work of the EUROLAB

educators. The teachers are very engaged and

have a huge knowledge! I get more precise in my

dance classes. It's easier with that knowledge to

correct, see affinities and give different inflows in

themes and last but not least to learn how to

feedback to students/dancers etc. I'm thankful

to do this program with these wonderful

movement ladies!"


Stefi Schmid - Dance pedagog & choreographer

Die Laban/Bartenieff Bewegungsstudien (LBBS) sind

für mich eine Hilfe um Tanztechnik als verkörpertes-künstlerisches Wissen immer wieder neu zu entdecken.

Die Themenbezüge und deren Vernetzungen ermöglichen

mir bestimmte Schwerpunkte zu setzen, unter denen ich

mich körperlich, geistig und emotional wiederfinde und

neu erfinde. Anhand der LBBS kann ich verschiedenste Bewegungen und Körperverbindungen bis in

ihre Komplexität analysieren und vermitteln."


Matthias Markstein - Tänzer, Tanzpädagoge & Choreograph