World Water Day and Global Water Dances (GWD) on March 22 at 3 pm (CET)


To celebrate World Water Day this Wednesday, March 22, Antja Kennedy is inviting you to a (free) zoom meeting in which we will watch the 35 minutes film Ripples and Reflections: 10 Years of Global Water Dances. Here the access link:

Meeting-ID: 853 9847 4801 Password: 577779


On this occasion Antja Kennedy will also talk about Global Water Dances in general and present her plan for the creation and performance of GWD in Steyerberg, Lower Saxony (Germany), on June 9 to 11 of 2023.

GWD is based on the movement choir principles developed by Rudolf Laban. The performance workshop is open to all, amateurs to professionals, who feel like expressing themselves in movement. We will connect with water in nature - feel it, move it, dance it. The location will be the Permaculture Park at Lebensgarten Steyerberg (PALS) and the river area around the Steyerberg town hall.