Movement is a way of knowing in all of life


"Come back to the life of movement!," Irmgard encouraged. "Fill it with yourself. To fill it with yourself, you have to come back to the inside, to feel yourself. Otherwise it is simply an imitation." [...]

[Bartenieff] Fundamentals is a type of body training which encourages me to sense and feel what is fundamental in my own organism and what is fundamental about how I relate to the world. Without this type of approach, I lack the base of integrating movement study into my life, and movement runs the risk of being isolated into a separate sphere (dance or athletics). If this happens, my fullness as a human being is compromised.

Movement is a way of knowing in all of life. [Bartenieff] Fundamentals recognizes this truth and trains with it in mind.“



Quote from Making Connections - Total Body Integration Through Bartenieff Fundamentals by Peggy Hackney, Routledge, 2002, Page 33