30th anniversary

Dear mover,

We are happy to announce that this year is the 30th anniversary of the EUROLAB Certificate Programs in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, which started in the summer of 1992.


To celebrate this, we will create a Movement Choir on Saturday, July 23 of 2022, outdoors on the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin.


All interested people are invited to participate.

As Laban said: "Everyone is a dancer".


Laban has created the tools with which a choreographer can create a dance piece from the existing capabilities of the group within a very short time. On this day, we will create a Movement Choir, including movement invention and structuring the piece.

The movement choir is community-building and at the same time permits individual ways of expression.

There are different sections of the working process: movement invention, constantly changing duet, trio and small group work, as well as work in the half and whole group – sometimes following, sometimes leading – every person decides how much he or she engages themselves to create something together. Nevertheless, the individual uniqueness is kept, because everybody can express themselves in their own movement style within the piece.

At the end of the workshop the group will show the results in a showing, to which everyone is invited. This will be documented with video.


The plan is:

Starting at 10 am we will build the Movement Choir and at 5:30 pm will be the Showing.

To be a part of the Movement Choir, you need to participate at the creation and be there the whole day.


The whole event is free, sponsored by the EUROLAB Certificate Programs.


We are looking forward to this event and hearing from you.





Antja & team