Fundamental Patterns Part2

Hello everybody 

Today we want to share the continuity of the quote from the book "Making Connections - Total Body Integration through Bartenieff Fundamentals" by Peggy Hackney:


"... Each new pattern challenges the individual in new physical ways and makes possible additional development in psychological process as well. If the individual does not accomplish the patterns bodily in a timely way, later development will be impeded, or inefficient compensations will occur, and the individual's capacity for a full range of expression in the world may be limited. This means the individual may want to return to fundamental movement and re-pattern later in life to support his/her own psychophysical health. 

But there are other reasons to return to fundamental patterns as well; reasons which relate to virtuosity and artistry."


In that sense, for health, technicality and expressivity it is worth returning to fundamental patterns - Breath, Core-Distal, Spinal, Homologous, Homolateral and Contralateral.