Fundamental Patterns Part1

Hello everyone 

Today we want to share a second quote from the book "Making Connections - Total Body Integration through Bartenieff Fundamentals" by Peggy Hackney:


"Functional capacities underlie expressive capabilities. 

We need to be able to rely on the foundations laid by the early patterns of movement development to support brain development and more detailed expressivity in the Body, in Effort, in Shape, and in Space later on.

Functional capacity and efficient movement functioning result from using the body in a way that is anatomically and kinesiologically sound. The original patterning provides a way of knowing bodily this efficiency through organizing the whole body in action sequences. [...] The developmental patterns are laid down originally in a specific order and sequence. Each new pattern challenges the individual in new physical ways and makes possible additional development in psychological process as well." Tbc


In that sense, for expressivity it is worth having sound functional foundations!