Qualities of the Individual Effort Elements

Hello everybody 

Today we want to share a second quote from the book "Body movement - Coping with the environment" by Irmgard Bartenieff with Dori Lewis:


"The organization of inner energy impulses is part of all human behavior. [...]

The expressiveness of the Effort elements was described by Laban as indicative of stages of the inner state of mind which prepare the mover for a sequence.

He identified - as indications, not absolutes - characteristic qualities of the individual Effort elements as follows:


Space (effort) - In what manner do I approach the space? ---> Attention - Thinking; Orienting, specially or generally.


Weight (effort) - What is my impact? ---> Intention - Asserting; Creating strong or light impact; Sensing my weight, myself.


Time (effort) - When do I need to complete the act?  ---> Decision - Urgency or non-urgency; Rushing or delaying.


Flow (effort) - How do I keep going?  ---> Progression - Feeling alive; How to get started and keep going; Freely or carefully."


In that sense, enjoy your day and your inner energy impulses manifested into expressiveness!