Hello everybody  

Today we want to share a quote from the book "Body movement - Coping with the environment" by Irmgard Bartenieff with Dori Lewis from 1981:


"Connectedness refers to the dynamic alignment of the weight-bearing structure, the skeleton, in movement as well as stillness. It allows the flow, the movement impulse, to pass through the body in such a way that complete activation can be realized most efficiently - without unnecessary exertion and stress. It is obvious enough to say that legs, arms and head are "linked" to the torso, the foot to the lower leg, the arm at the shoulder joint, etc., but their connectedness is more than muscles traveling over the joints to hook up two bones. It is the activated chains, configurations of connections that control the movement process."


Irmgard Bartenieffs training and focus point was a lot about these "kinetic chains", which has a large correspondence with the Anatomy Trains® / "myofascial meridians" from Thomas Myers.


In that way, enjoy your day connecting through your body!